I'm doing something wrong here...

I have some Validation-Tables like this:

Object oMStatus is a FileValidationTable
    Set Main_File           to Validations.File_Number
    Set Code_Field          to 1                    // code is in field 1
    Set Description_Field   to 4                    // Beschreibung
    Set Ordering            to 2                    // ordnen nach index
    Set Type_Field          to 2                    // Feld für Constrain   
    Set Type_Value          to "MStatus"            // Constrain-Wert
    Set Static_State        to False
It's basically a clone of the CodeMast/CodeType but with more columns.

We use this in a WebApp and the interesting thing is: When someone adds a new entry to the table, we need to restart the whole WebApp (on the server) otherwise, the entries won't appear. Just reloading your browser is not enough.

What am I doing wrong?

(PS: We use DataFlex 20.0)