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    Hi Henri

    Thanks for the reply. I understand what you're saying, with so many varying device sizes there's only so much you can do.

    Even though more to maintain I threw the tabletMini mode suggestion in there because in our 'one' case we would design screens for just 2 sizes; one for mobile and tablet mini, and one for tablet and desktop - to me these are the natural 2 groups, at least in landscape mode.

    I don't mind controls stretching and whitespace, i.e. mobile going up to tablet. However we have the opposite problem, we have designed a screen to look good in desktop and tablet (landscape), and a different design for mobile. The problem is we now have a phone that goes into tabletLandscape mode - this causes us a problem as all the controls shrink, rather than stretch and have whitespace. When designing a view for a tablet in landscape mode I expect a certain amount of realestate to be available and not have to fit on a 'larger' mobile that think's it's a tablet size. I imagine more newer mobile's are going to do this.

    Without adding a fourth mode, could the existing margins be adjusted slightly or be exposed to stop a mobile going to a tablet mode?
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