Hi All

We have run into an interesting issue in responsive design and device screen sizes.

At the moment DAW provide 3 responsive modes; desktop, tablet and mobile. And within tablet and mobile you can handle portrait and landscape.

We have an iPhone Max Pro 12 in the office and are getting the following results..

Holding the phone portrait - the mode is 32, rmMobilePortrait
Holding the phone landscape - the mode is 21, rmTabletLandscape

We're finding designing a screen for a regular tablet in landscape doesn't scale down well to this phone, particularly when the keyboard is displayed on the screen. It would be better if it was still in mobile mode. We also see the problem with mini tablets. Designing a screen for tablet landscape that looks good on a normal tablet, and also on a tablet mini and this phone, is too compromised.

Has anyone else ran into this? What have they done?

Do we need a 4th mode tabletMini?