Hi Michael,

The Windows Services Manager that can be found on www.rdctools.com uses "NSSM" to assure that a service is automatically restarted if it dies.

This is from the programs help:
NSSM (None-Sucking-Service-Manager) is a service helper which doesn't suck. srvany (Microsoft Corp.) and other service helper programs suck because they don't handle failure of the application running as a service. If you use such a program you may see a service listed as started when in fact the application has died. NSSM monitors the running service and will restart it if it dies. With NSSM you know that if a service says it's running, it really is. Alternatively, if your application is well-behaved you can configure NSSM to absolve all responsibility for restarting it and let Windows take care of recovery actions.
NSSM logs its progress to the system Event Log so you can get some idea of why an application isn't behaving as it should.

You can read more about and download the latest version the NSSM here.

If you would like the latest version of Windows Services Manager for DF 19.1 let me know and I'll provide you with a download link.