Is anybody using anything in their DF20 executables to detect whether the machine is running a Windows 64 bit version? I see a method under pfAccessrights of cRegistry in the DF20 help but are there any drawbacks? Like needed Admin access? We want to roll out DF20/32 but advise users that they can ask for the 64 bit menu if their machine can run it.

Boolean bOpened bExists
    Handle hoRegistry    Get Create (RefClass(cRegistry)) to hoRegistry
    // Set the default of phRootKey...
    Set phRootKey of hoRegistry to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  
    // set access rights to read
    Set pfAccessRights of hoRegistry to Key_Read
    // check if this is a 64 bit machine
    // if so, the Wow6432Node key will exist
    Get KeyExists of hoRegistry "SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node" to bExists
    If bExists do something

    Send Destroy of hoRegistry
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