I need to perform custom sorting, in a manually loaded WebList.

When I read the docs, I understand that this in kind of possible only when the grid is dynamic.

When it's manually loaded, all columns are "sortable" , and the client performs the sorting just based in the column content..

But this does not help me in my situation,, I need to sort using multiple segments keys, and other criteria depending the situation and the column gets clicked.

I have not found a property to trigger a custom client function to perform the sorting.. like psClientSorting , or something similar to that.

All I have found was.. psClientOnHeaderClick , but docs is totally empty.. no clue on what such handler should be declared or sample of what could possibly be done here.

But even if we had a property for that... I have no clue on what should be done in order to perform the data sorting at the client side, without breaking the framework in background.

Any tip ?