I am populating a cWebList with manual data.. (not pbDataAware)

But I also need to display different images in a cWebColumnImage , deppending on the row contents..
pbDynamic = true for the image column

That's supper easy, for Data-Aware types.. you basically use the OnDefineImages event, and based on the current buffer values, you decide the image that needs to be added..

    Procedure OnDefineImages
        Forward Send OnDefineImages
        Send AddImage "Images/Order.png"
        If (Customer.Balance > 4000) Begin
            Send AddImage "Images/Clip.png"
But, the OnDefineImages has no parameters, so when it's called, I don't know which row is being processed.. :-(

It seems all of these events.. OnDefineXXX events for WebList/Grids/Columns are missing tWebRow contexts when dealing with non-data-aware grid/lists !

How can I work with dynamic images in a manual list ?