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The complicating factor is that the content isn't (and wasn't) in a particular book - it was spread out over many sections of What's New and other areas over time - so it is really a good (I won't even say best) use of our resources to try to excavate it and reconstruct it into it's own book at this point?

The complete (but outdated) help is still installed with the older versions (up to and including 19.0 I believe, but I can certainly check). Would it help to have that help set available as a separate zip? Personally I don't see it as a game changer - but I'm happy to go at least that far if you think it would help (pun only slightly intended).

BTW - I've always believed our prior customers are our best opportunities, so you know I'm on board with that!
Hi Stephen

I think the what’s new is the strongest. I I ‘do’ an upgrade from e.g. 17.1 I’d like to go through all the what’s new since to apply all the changes.

But when teaching a junior to do a
Migration they very quickly get stuck on code that is not in the help.

So I’m thinking, how can a new-to-DataFlex person that is just out of uni and is given by some DataFlex customer of 10 years ago, The job to update the software…

I suggest there to be a migrate or update older applications section. It could have a small summary per version and how the migration works - including some regkey info that would have helped Bob. It could also have a link to the zip you suggest on the ftp site of the last complete help. Even a link to the 3.2 PDF’s would not hurt I think.

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