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Thread: Starzen's szLibXL clearing a cell or a range

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    Default Starzen's szLibXL clearing a cell or a range

    I know Michael has a 64 bit version in the pipeline and maybe this will be clearer in that update, but any idea how to wipe the formatting from a cell or a range of cells?

    Anybody done this? Care to show me how?

    Get ComWriteBlank looks like it might be relevant except the LibXL help says a blank cell can contain format information, that seems to be true so I'm stuck. All the Tformat values actually have some format, there's no 'none'.

    reason: We have a vendor who wants a certain set of information, and sent us a sample spreadsheet. We duly replicated what they wanted, quite pleased with ourselves at how fast we did it. Now they've come back to say they want their worksheet updated, not a new one created.

    I've managed that, but I'm finding that sometimes the range of cells I need to update contains formatting and I want to blow that away before writing my bits.
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    test? it compiles doesn't it?

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