A new update of AntView, version 1.1.164 beta has been released.

This is an important release as it has many new exciting features such as improved VB6 support (which I won't list down here for some reason)

Then the following new features:
- A global interface for setting defaults of all AntView objects
- download management
- new window event handling (for example to redirect window.open requests)
- permission request handling
- client certificate support
- failure handling via the onProcessFailed event
- added Pdf printing completed event
- Single Sign On support via the main host OS account
- Passing so called "Chrome flags" for additional features such as disabling the GPU hardware acceleration (useful on some virtual platforms) or setting a proxy server.
- Changing the Language of the UI
- additional focus handling

Also note that it has some changes in behavior.
Please read: Important changes in AntView 1.1 as that article contains important tips for when you are upgrading and explains what has changed.

You can download the new version from: https://antview.dev/downloads/

The release notes can be found here: https://antview.dev/news/

We expect a new -non beta- release within the next few weeks, depending on the feedback.

If you have any questions or remarks then please let me know.