Thanks Stephen,

I think that it is great that you guys are sharing this info early to the community, so that everyone can make the best decision on what they want to do going forward.

Also really appreciate the heads up I got from DAW after my announcement I was working on this, so that I could make a better judgment on going forward with this control or not.
As explained to DAW in those emails, I needed the control right now already anyways. Extending the control beyond my current needs was just a challenge

As pointed out by SWM, one of the differences from the start is that my WebView2 wrapper can be used in any DataFlex version.
Not only that, as it is an ActiveX component, it is also available for developers outside of the DataFlex community.
I'm also pretty sure that both of our controls will be different in implementation details and that those differences will only get larger over time.

All in all, very happy that this is now in the open.
Having more choice can't be a bad thing