AntView has a new release, version 1.1.375

New functionality:

AntView interface
- WriteLog

AntViewDocument interface
- ElementClickById
- ElementClickByIdSync
- ElementClickByName
- ElementClickByNameSync
- ElementClickByQuerySelector
- ElementClickByQuerySelectorSync
- RequestElementExistsById
- RequestElementExistsByIdSync
- RequestElementExistsByName
- RequestElementExistsByNameSync
- OnElementClickById
- OnElementClickByName
- OnElementClickByQuerySelector
- OnRequestElementExistsById
- OnRequestElementExistsByName

- Fix for setting global UserDataFolder during OnCreate. If you tried to set the UserDataFolder via the global object and then called CreateWebView from the OnCreate event, the control was created before the global setting was applied and as such the global UserDataFolder setting was ignored. This has been addressed.
- Fix RequestSubmitByName, issuing a form submit by attribute name did not work.
- Fix AntViewDocument, functions using getElementById to see if a html element exists had faulty testing by checking for undefined instead of null. As a result the "ById" functions would not return an error if the html element was not found. This has been corrected.
- Fix Visible state, changing the visible property was being ignored as it was not passed on to the webview2 control itself.

Added a shortcut in the Windows start menu to the examples.

A new demo was added that uses the old WebBrowser control to host the AntView control. The demo is started from a simple vbs script file.

The demo page with images that displayed the map local folder to hostname feature wasn't showing the fancy images any more as those where loaded from an external resource. This has been corrected and now load the images from a resource we control.

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