Release of version 1.1.174

Bug Fix/Changed behavior

- Setting UserAgent property is now also cached, so that you can set it before the WebView2 control has been created.
- NavigateWithWebResourceRequest now supports setting headers.

New functionality:
The AntViewDocument interface now has synchronous wrapper functions for each asynchronous function available. This makes it easier to use as well as opens this functionality to environments such as PowerBuilder and OpenText Gupta Team Developer.
Added the following functions:
- RequestCurrentHtmlSync
- RequestElementValueByIdSync
- RequestElementValueByNameSync
- RequestFormSubmitByIdSync
- RequestFormSubmitByNameSync
- RunAnonymousFunctionSync
- SetElementValueByIdSync
- SetElementValueByNameSync
- SynchronousTimeOut property


- The DataFlex demo has a new postData view.
- Added a demo for PowerBuilder users.

More details can be found at https://antview.dev/news/