Over the past weeks I've built an ActiveX wrapper for the Microsoft Edge WebView2 control, which is the follow up for the old cComWebBrowser control from Microsoft.

Quite a bit of its functionality is already available in my control, although I am still working on some of the nitty gritty. It is a huge interface and it will take some time to complete. Not all of it is exactly straight forward either.

The C++ Documentation is here:

However much of what I did has been modeled after the .net interface.. (it is easier to navigate if you ask me)

I have been building against the very latest version of the control and have indeed already benefited from access to the latest features.

What I'm not sure about is what the interest for this is in the DataFlex community.

Just to be clear upfront, it won't be free as then I cannot provide any support on it.
In fact for price, it will be very similar to how Chilkat does its licensing and support.
Price will be similar too (EUR 300), although there will be an early bird deal with 50% off.

I expect to have an early beta demo ready in the next few days (need to write more DataFlex code etc.. test test test)
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Let me know if there's any interest.