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    Another release of the AntView control.

    This one adds full iframe support.

    Release 1.1.200

    New functionality:

    AntView interface
    - OnDOMContentLoaded/OnDOMContentLoadedHex
    - OnFrameCreated

    New AntViewFrame interface for directly interacting with iframes.
    - Destroyed
    - IDispatchPointer
    - Name
    - BrowserDispatch
    - ExecuteScript
    - PostWebMessageAsJson
    - PostWebMessageAsString
    - OnContentLoading
    - OnContentLoadingHex
    - OnDestroy
    - OnDestroyed
    - OnDOMContentLoaded
    - OnDOMContentLoadedHex
    - OnExecuteScript
    - OnNameChanged
    - OnNavigationCompleted
    - OnNavigationCompletedHex
    - OnNavigationStarting
    - OnWebMessageReceived
    - Added AntViewNavigationStartEventArgs2 for extending the navigation structure data:
    - AdditionalAllowedFrameAncestors, which is used by iframes.

    AntViewDocument interface
    - FrameDispatch, this method allows you to connect the document interface to an iframe object.

    AntViewDownloadOperation interface
    - OnDestroy event

    AntViewWebResourceResponseView interface
    - OnDestroy event

    Bugfix/Changed behavior
    - The Synchronous methods from the document interface cannot be run from within an event due to the nature of how it works. This now returns an error indicating the reason instead of just locking up.
    - Fixed AntViewNavigationStartEventArgs.RequestHeaders
    - returning a boolean value via runAnonymousFunction would crash the control. This has been fixed by also supporting boolean return value and casting that to a string. Also extended exception handling on this so that the control no longer crashes if it cannot cast the result to a string.
    - OnPermissionRequested was broken as state did not work as expected.

    There has also been a lot of work done on the documentation, more details - as always - can be read over at

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