Nice, but of course when I try to show it off I immediately bump into things.

First one.
Click image for larger version. 

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The buttons at the bottom are not responsive...
I had to go full screen to see more than a few lines and as you can see the bottom button is still clipped.
Same for Calendar down there. I don't even see details until I go into full screen mode.

Switching to other themes.. a bunch of the options, like fonts/lists grids/buttons/controls are not available?
Eg. "20.0 Flat Desktop" I can change colors.. and that's it folks.
20.0 Flat Touch.. same.

I changed the colors (as above) and the "Reset Defaults" button is always disabled... but it isn't the default?
Then clicking some more -without changing anything- and.... the reset button is available.

With "Save" I initially got a server disconnected error..

edit: Rereading SWM's post I understand that it is "by design" that only the Material theme has additional options. A bit confusing, but ok.