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    Default Voice Control

    Inspired by Johan Broddfelt’s two excellent recent "Discovering DataFlex" videos, Search using your voice (it wasn't me who asked, Johan, it was Helen! ) and Let your application speak, I've written a little sample WebApp and a short article about it. (Note: the web app will only work properly in Chrome and Edge desktop browsers... and if you are prepared to speak harshly to it, Safari. Firefox and Opera do not support the required API, and while Brave does, it doesn't work properly. I have been unable to persuade any browsers to work with it on my phone. )

    You can find the source code on the DataFlex Code GitHub collection.

    Enjoy! (Or not - teetotallers may find it offensive! You have been warned! )


    PS - you may have to allow various things - such as browser access to the microphone - for things to work.
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