Not sure where best to log this - please feel free to move as required.

This is using DataFlex 20 but it can also be recreated in DataFlex 19.1 (and probably earlier, but haven't tried).

Been trying to track down an odd error whereby calling IsConnectionIdLoggedIn was returning False when I'd expect it to return True. Turns out it was actually generating an error, but the error was being suppressed by the process. After a great deal of head scratching we eventually tracked it down to the fact that at the time of the call, the Argument_Size had been increased.

To see it, you can simply code the following (although you'll need to migrate the Order Entry application to MSSQL)

Boolean bIsLoggedIn
Integer iArgSize
Get IsConnectionIdLoggedIn of ghoConnection 'order' to bIsLoggedIn
Get_Argument_Size to iArgSize
Set_Argument_Size (1024*1024)
Get IsConnectionIdLoggedIn of ghoConnection 'order' to bIsLoggedIn
Set_Argument_Size iArgSize
Get IsConnectionIdLoggedIn of ghoConnection 'order' to bIsLoggedIn
The middle call to "Get IsConnectionIdLoggedIn" will return the following error:

C:\DataFlex\Sandbox\20.0\Order Entry\Programs\Order64.exe
String too long. Server name longer then allocated destination 0 < 14 (DFCONNID=order).

Error: 4101
Error Source = MSSQLDRV.GetServerName

GET_DRIVERSERVERNAMES (6717) - oConnection (31) - at address 29660
GET_SERVERDATABASEIDHANDLE (6738) - oConnection (31) - at address 30010
GET_CONNECTIONDATABASEIDHANDLE (6737) - oConnection (31) - at address 30004
GET_ISCONNECTIONIDLOGGEDIN (6739) - oConnection (31) - at address 30022
MSG_ONCLICK (4659) - oPrintBtn (592) - at address 82723
MSG_COMMAND (648) - oPrintBtn (592) - in native code
[start] - at address 94833

(I added this particular code to the OnClick of the oPrintBtn object in the Order.vw)