With users fully using the DF20 20.0.7 (Embedded Database)

Yesterday I received a report of my application closing.

When analyzing through the debug I noticed that the breakpoints are random, with a common focus: Comboform.

The error occurs in several ways and sometimes not always, after all my coding derives from versions prior to DF20, so it must have something to do with UTF and under the following conditions:

1) Only, when selecting the content: AUTOMÓVEL - CARRO FÁCIL (AUTOMOBILE - EASY CAR), if I remove the accents: AUTOMOVEL - CARRO FACIL, or change the size, the problem does not occur.
2) Sometimes just by selecting, the error already occurs, sometimes when keeping the focus on the object and exiting the application, and sometimes even after pressing the button: Print, not meaning DR error.
3) It doesn't matter in 32 or 64 the error occurs.
4) Remember that I am using collate=Portuguese.

I managed to simulate the effect, in Order if necessary, change the field size to 30 characters.
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Then insert the content AUTOMÓVEL - CARRO FÁCIL under the field: City - Ok car is not city , but let's pretend.
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It may take a little persistence to make it happen and I am grateful if someone can reproduce the feat.

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Best Regards,

Edgard L. Paneque