Hi Sandy,
I have a similar problem for a Windows project with interface designed for touchscreens. The DF Studio 19.0 renders the dbForm with bigger FontPointHeight correctly, but the same project opened with DF Studio 19.1 does not. In both cases the exe renders the big forms correctly.

I would like to understand from DAW if this problem under 19.1 studio depends on my code and if I can correct the problem. My bigger form class is the following

Class dbFormTouch is a dbForm
    Procedure Construct_Object
        Forward Send Construct_Object
        Set Size to 13 82
        Set Location to 12 110
        Set Label to "Form:"
        Set Label_Justification_Mode to JMode_Right
        Set Label_Col_Offset to 2
        Set Label_FontPointHeight to 16
        Set FontPointHeight to 16