I need to make an application with VDF19.1, which will work with some tables from a SQL database.

When working with SQL tables, we have so far always developed our data files first, creating the filelist, the data, fd and all other dataflex files, then used Merctech's Flex2SQL to convert these tables to an SQL server.
The problem now is reversed, I need to work on new tables that have been created by some other application on the SQL server, and I am wondering if there is a way to create all the dataflex files from the equivalent tables, including dat and fd etc...

I have tried opening the SQL table with open as (i.e. Open "SQL_DRV:dbo#Productions@SERVER=PRMADV;UID=Yannis; PWD=123;DATABASE=SMS" as Productions), to avoid having to update the filelist with the new tables, but I am getting an error that the fd cannot be found, so it seems I will need to create these files in the filelist anyway. I know I could work on these files directly through SQLSetConnect, but I am not sure how to use dbGrids if the tables are not in the filelist and I think in general, that will make the tasks more difficult to handle (?)

Any advice highly appreciated :-)