Hi Dennis
Much appreciate the reply.
Yes that is what I see. I was preparing a response along the lines of I wanted a Control Height smaller that 23 when I noticed something.
As I increased the width of the Chrome Browser window, the size of the WebForm boxes suddenly went from the size I did not like (too high) to what I wanted.
Hmmmm I said.

To show this two you I took a snip of the Chrome Browser box running the WebOrder demo. I took it on top of static background programs so you could notice the size change easier. In the snip called "Material_Normal" the WebOrder E-Mail address box is abeam between the Invoice 2 and Invoice3 tree nodes on the left. I then made the Chrome Browser box thinner by dragging the right vertical edge to the left. In the other zip "Material_HigherWebFormBoxes_WithNarrowerBrowserWi ndow you can see that the boxes are bigger causing the E-Mail address box to be lower on the screen, now abeam the Invoice 5 tree node on the left.


This is the first time I noticed that behavior.

--------- Lets start fresh, shall we? ---------
I can now restate my issue.
With the Material theme the height of the WebForm box increases at a certain point when the width of the browser window is decreased.
This does not happen with any of the other themes: DF_Flat_Desktop, DF_High_Contrast, Df_Web_Creme, Df_Modern_Sky, Df_Windows_Like or Df_Flat_Touch.

ArchieClick image for larger version. 

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Name:	Material_HigherWebFormBoxes_WIthNarrowerBrowserWindow.GIF 
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