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Thread: How to adjust the vertical spacing of multiple cWebForms in a cWebTabPage

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    Default How to adjust the vertical spacing of multiple cWebForms in a cWebTabPage

    I tried DF Styler for the first time. Wonderful product!
    My first webapp in 10+ years I had picked DF_High_Contrast.
    With Styler it seems smart to switch to DF19.1 Material.
    I ran into two problems, one I solved, the other I am stuck on.
    They both related to the display of cWebForms on a cWebTabPage.

    .1. The "box" for the cWebForm only has a bottom line to it. The sides and the top are blank.
    I solved that with DF Styler. I added left, top and right. I increased the width to 2 to match the existing line on the bottom of the box. Wonderful!
    [Update: I used the 19.1 Material from DF Styler directly and it was ok. I made it better for me by reducing the fontsize to 0.9 from 1.0]

    .2. I have 13 cWebForms on the cWebTabPage. The spacing between each row of cWebForms is too much. It is about 50% more than with DF_High_Contast and others

    I played with Styler - Controls - Height. Increasing it increases the height of the Combo but not the Form.
    I got the size of the box to decrease by increasing padding but the spacing between each row stayed the same. My guess its a margin setting but I cannot find it.

    Question: How do I reduce the height of the WebForms on a cWebTabPage. Happy to modify the CSS for the theme directly if have to. Just don't know what needs changing.

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