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Thread: Error 91 (Attempt to put into Integer constant)

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    Default Error 91 (Attempt to put into Integer constant)


    Update (28/05/2021) -- SOLVED:

    Issue solved. The printing logic remains the same, the only thing I changed - it is process logic. Before we generated and printed Invoice by Invoice and now I am collecting all generated Invoices into the array and when generation is finished, I am producing PDFs all together. Also I moved code inside of BPO. No changes in printing logic (PDF based code still the same as well as SKR routine), but now all invoices generated and printed fine and no error 91 anymore... mystique!


    Did some body see this before? What might cause this? We have very basic function:

    Function Print_SKR String lsSKR Returns String
    tPDFFile lPDF
    String lsPDF lsTemplate
    Move lsSKR to lsTemplate
    Move (Left(lsSKR, Length(lsSKR)-4) + ".pdf") to lsPDF
    Get ReadInvoiceTemplate of oPPDesign (&lsTemplate) to lPDF
    If (lPDF.sFLTFile<>"") Begin
    Send Create_PDF of oPPDesignPDF lsPDF True True False False lPDF
    Function_Return lsPDF
    Get Print_SKR lsSKRIVFIL to lsPDFBibFil // lsSKRIVFIL is "C:\FOLDER\FAKT\123456.SKR"

    The problem - line "Move lsSKR to lsTemplate" generates Error 91 (Attempt to put into integer constant). But more strange, that it happens not all the time. Sometimes it works OK, but more often we are getting an error... I have no idea how this particular error might be fired here.

    Sergey V. Natarov
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