I apologize in advance for bringing up what appears to be a taboo subject. Superfind.

I am converting a 30 year old console mode application. The client 'loves' the old ability to walk the child table while sitting on the parent foreign key presenting the child records in order by the parent. I've offered the modern style of selection lists presented in parent order but we are limited in the columns presented. The customer may be focusing on a more obscure field like a shipping address or a grand child record like an order line item while looking for some order placed last year for this customer. It was so easy to just 'walk' the child table in customer sequence (index based) while looking at any field of interest on the screen including grand children.

It appears in the current style, you can do a superfind from the parent field but you get only the first matching child record (if any). Subsequent superfind next locates the next parent and the first child of that next parent. it does not walk through all the records of the child table. This can be demonstrated in the Order Entry example (after turning off the parent commit on customer in the DDO).

I think I will need to intercept the Request_Superfind (Item_Superfind?) and hand code this. But this seems like something others must have run across and have an elegant solution for. Is there a 'proper' way to get this old functionality?

/Chris K.