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Thread: DR Crashing when sending multiple jobs to printer

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    Default DR Crashing when sending multiple jobs to printer

    Hi All,

    We're having a bit of an issue with Dataflex Reports at the moment.

    Our customer needs to print about 500 invoices to a printer at a time.

    They are experiencing an issue where the report program is crashing before finishing them all.

    In this program we send out each invoice to the printer as an individual print job. So we loop through all the invoices and print them individually.

    If there are 500 invoices, there would be 500 print jobs.

    We need to do this for collating reasons and because the printer staples copies of the individual invoices together.

    At a certain point the program crashes with an 0xc0000005 error. (For me it is around 450, but it's not always consistent)

    I can print the same 500 invoices to the screen without a problem. It seems to only happen when we send out multiple jobs to the printer.

    While testing, it *seems* that the more/bigger images a template has the quicker it crashes.

    I'm probably not explaining that very well.

    I've created a small program that displays what it mean

    The program simply loops filling the RDS with the number of test invoices.

    If printing to the screen, the data goes in to a single report. If printing to the printer, it send the invoices one at a time to the printer.

    **WARNING** Pause the print queue before running or it'll print a lot of pages. My PC also crashed a couple of times after running a test

    Has anyone any idea when might be going on?

    Is there a better way of doing what I have described?

    EDIT1: always forget to say - DF19.1, DR 7.0.1
    EDIT2: I noticed a bit of a mistake in my sample template. It has a background page layer that it shouldn't with images on it. If I remove that page layer i can now get 900 jobs to the print queue before it crashes. I've left the sample as it is incase it is useful.
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