Anybody have a Point Of Sale system that they think is half-decent? (I was going to say ‘brilliant’ or some other superlative but I realised we’re all developers first and salesmen second or not at all)

I inherited a DataModes system nearly 30 years ago, I don’t think a line of that code survives. Working for a company that believes our system is capable of anything I’ve been bolting things on for ever. Every other part of the system but POS is dF19.1 and compiles in DF20 too. However this last holdout of the blue screens takes most of my dev time as the other two developers are understandably nervous of it

I’m almost 71 and while dev is still fun it’s not as much fun on character mode. My promise to cut down my hours hasn’t mattered while Cayman is virtually closed for travel, but come the day we are open we’ve trips to do.

What I’d like initially is short Zoom/Teams/whatever demos of what’s out there, with a view to either buying source or subcontracting the adapting of someone else’s paradigm to work with our database.

any takers?