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Thread: What MS SQL Client softwear do I need?

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    Default Re: What MS SQL Client softwear do I need?

    Have you seen these links to using a UDL file to test your DB connection outside of your application framework?

    To verify SQL connectivity using a UDL file:
    1. Create a text file on the ePO serverusing, for example, Notepad.exe.
    2. Rename it to
    3. Double-click the
      test.udl file.
    4. Click the Provider tab.
    5. Select
      SQL Server Native Client 11.0.
    6. Click Next.
    7. On the Connection tab, enter the same information entered in the ePO core/config page for the database connection.
    8. In the Select or Enter a Server Name field, type the SQL Server name in the following format:



      NOTE: If you are verifying connectivity to a named instance of SQL, use the following format:



    9. To verify connectivity for the logged-on Windows account, click Use Windows NT Integrated security, and leave the Server SPN field empty.
    10. To verify connectivity for an SQL account, click Use a specific user name and password, and enter the user name and password.
    11. To verify connectivity to an existing ePO database, click Select the database, and enter the name of the ePO database.
    12. To verify connectivity to the SQL Server, click Select the database, and enter primary as the database name.
    13. Click Test Connection.
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