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Thread: Make sure your subreports have unique names.

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    And to complete this it is only the function SubReportByName that does not know what reportID to return - and thus picks the first one - when you have multiple objects with the same name.

    When you don't want to rename you can still get it to work by using the SubReportId function and passing the N-th sub-report number and get back the sub-report ID.

    BTW; this is the same as in the rest of the world and in the DataFlex language;
    - In DataFlex; Object names do not need to be unique but if they are not the function to return the object ID does not really work.
    - In the rest of the world; if you have a group of people all having the same given name either they all respond when you call their name or the first one that hears their name being called or perhaps no-one as they don't know whether you want to address one of them.
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