I just got bitten because a user decided to change a value in a db suggestion form, and then change the child record. My goto patch was to set read_only_state on the DEO, but it'snot defined for dbSuggestionform

    Object otRecipeHead_Name is a dbSuggestionForm
                Entry_Item tRecipeHead.Name
                Set Location to 26 9
                Set Size to 13 226
                Set Label to "Recipe Name:"
                Set Label_Col_Offset to 0
                Set Label_Justification_Mode to JMode_Top
                Set Read_Only_State to True
Compiler is unhappy with last line. For now I used isCommitted in the DD instead, but since the DD in the view was marked "read only" I'm a little concerned as to what broke that. (It's possible that the save was handled through a BPO, but still. Not cool. )