OK - I had to attempt to jar loose a few brain cells (getting scarcer & scarcer). The 2KB rang a bell & I searched through code to find what we'd done. Thing is, all the code I found was commented out - until I finally came across what I think we did. Will someone tell Garret to comment code better?

Anyway, I believe what we determined was that we were starting the next PDF output before the previous one was finished. I added "Move (SleepEx(200, False)) to iRC" in-between outputs. Been a few years since we had the issue (knock on wood) - so I believe this fixed it.

If you don't have sleepex, it's nice 'cause it'll do less than a second (thanks to Bob Worsley for pointing it out to me):

// Sleep in milliseconds
// Usage: Move (SleepEx(100, False)) To integer //First argument is # of milliseconds
External_Function SleepEx "SleepEx" kernel32.dll ;
    DWord dwMilliseconds ;
    Boolean bAlertable ;
    Returns Integer