DF-19.1, Postgres, Mertech driver. I've just created a new Postgres SQL table in my application. I had to do it manually, creating the table in the back end first, then the .int file, etc but that's another story. I set the ID column to be an identity column but when I open that table in the Studio there's no setting in the ID column properties for an identity column. According to the help and postings in the forum there's supposed to be, and I've used it before with another application. What would cause that to be missing?

When working with the table in the back end the ID column is populated correctly but trying to add records with dbExplor throws the following error.

Any idea what's wrong? No idea what "OVERRIDING SYSTEM VALUE" means, the help doesn't seem to say or I can't find it.

c:\program files (x86)\dataflex 19.1\bin\dbexplor.exe
No error text: Can't open dferr006.dat ERROR: cannot insert into column "id"
DETAIL: Column "id" is an identity column defined as GENERATED ALWAYS.

Error: 25000

MSG_ERROR_REPORT (433) - oErrorDialog (90) - at address 67177
MSG_REQUEST_SAVE (375) - operformance_DD (2192) - at address 17137
GET_SAVESELECTEDROW (7882) - oObject (2232) - at address 63713
GET_SAVESELECTEDROW (7882) - oDatatable (2204) - at address 61817
GET_SAVESELECTEDROW (7882) - oDatatable (2204) - at address 65498
MSG_REQUEST_SAVE (375) - oDatatable (2204) - at address 64900
MSG_REQUEST_SAVE (375) - oso_numGridColumn (2320) - in native code
MSG_REQUEST_SAVE (375) - oObject (2379) - in native code
MSG_ONEXECUTE (9293) - oSaveCurrentRecordButton (342) - at address 72770
MSG_EXECUTE (9292) - oSaveCurrentRecordButton (342) - at address 56972
MSG_ONCOMEXECUTE (8415) - oRebar (199) - at address 55962
[start] - at address 103722