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    Default pbNoUpdateIfHidden question

    Consider Order.wo of the WebOrder sample.


    Object oOrderHeaderDataDictionary is a cOrderHeaderDataDictionary

    Object oOrderHeaderDataDictionary is a DataDictionary
        Set Main_File to OrderHeader.File_Number
    to get rid of all DD defined field settings

    Then "Set pbEnabled to False" of the oOrderHeaderOrdered_By object that represents OrderHeader.Ordered_By.

    Compile and you'll see all is well exept you can't get into the "Ordered by" field (which is of course also well)

    Then add a button

           Object oWebButton1 is a cWebButton
                Procedure OnClick
                    String sValue
                    Get Field_Current_Value of oOrderHeaderDataDictionary Field OrderHeader.Ordered_By to sValue
                    Move (If(sValue="XX","II","XX")) to sValue
                    Set Field_Changed_Value of oOrderHeaderDataDictionary Field OrderHeader.Ordered_By to sValue
    When you click the button the value will change.
    But when you Save the order and find it again and you will see that it did not save the change.

    This is expected behavior because of the new security layer.

    Then I set pbNoUpdateIfHidden to False on the cWebForm but it still will now save.

    This I find hard to explain.

    Then I add

    Procedure AllowUpdateDD Boolean ByRef bAllow
        Move True to bAllow
    and now it works.

    Is this kosher?
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