We are pleased to make an update of Plato available!

Plato is an order handling system for a fictitious chrome plating shop. It serves as an example of a DataFlex web application running against a Microsoft SQL Server backend.

  • DataFlex 2021 Studio (Build
  • Internet Information Services (Version 8.0 or higher)
  • If you have installed and/or uninstalled any programs or applications since the last reboot, then make sure to reboot before choosing to install SQL Server 2019 Express. Failing to do this could cause the installation to fail.

Improvements in this build
The current version of Plato contains features and techniques available to you, to try out. With every new version of DataFlex we want to keep improving Plato, or adding features.
This version is primarily published to comply with the latest version of DataFlex (build
  • The Self-signup process has been reworked, it requires a mail-server to be specified.
  • The default settings are changed in order to reflect a system without ability to send mails or text messages. This means that “I forgot my password” and “Signup new user” are no longer visible by default.
  • The default password expiration has been changed from 90 days to 0. This allows the user accounts to keep on functioning even after 90 days of no activity. In general the parameters have been set to not "show themselves" during initial use. For example, the minimum password length has been set to 4 without any further restrictions.
  • Logging of changes to user added, including a view to inspect the log. (create, delete, login, logout, reset password, autolocked, deactivate, and some more).
    Historically cSqlExec.pkg defined a ghoSql handle for calling the SQL server. This was fine in a world where you connect to just one database and away you go. But in real life you can quickly get into a situation where your tables reside in different databases (=different managed connections). Instead of relying on a “default” database connection, Plato now defines a ghoSqlPlato handle that is known specifically to point to the Plato database, and cSqlExec.pkg does not define any default connections anymore. As a positive side-effect, specifying where the default database is located, is no longer needed.
  • Many bugfixes

Download & More info
  • Download the Plato workspace installer here
  • Click here for more information about Plato