This did not happen in 18, 19.0 or 19.1

I'll try to explain:

1st case: new records in my cWebGrid.
1.) At least 6 views in my app have a cWebGroup's that are rendered or un-rendered depending on which field the cursor is in a cWebGrid.
2.) This cWebGroup have different cWebForm's in which the user enters Size quantities.
3.) The cWebGroup is out of a cWebGrid but use field's from the table in that cWebGrid.
4.) If I'm entering values for the sizes, and then, go back to my cWebGrid, webset pbrender to false cwebgroup, the fields are 0.00

2nd case:
With existing records: when I render this cWebGroup, the values are 0.00, despite having a value in the table.
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Name:	2 - Values in 0.png 
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If I leave this sizes cWebGroup rendered and move between lines, the values are show
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Name:	3. Moving Up & Down the lines.png 
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