Sorry Dennis I know you do an awesome job with the help but just working through Creating Your First Web App and have found a few things that might need review:

In Class: cWebApp
In Application Style
The DataFlex Web Framework supports three styles of web applications: Desktop and Mobile/Touch and Basic (link to overview). Should be a link here.

In Creating Your First Web View:
In 8
"Set the Label property to Name" should be "Set the psLabel property to Name"
In 9
"set the Label property to Go" should be "set the psCpation property to Go"
In 12
The text says "Notice that the variable sName now contains "Type your name here". You can see this in the Locals window and also by holding the mouse cursor over the variable sName anywhere inside Procedure OnClick." but I don't see "Type your name here" in the variable, just blank.
In 13
In the screen shot the breakpoint has moved down a line to "Move ("Hello, " + sName) to sResult" but the text doesn't say to do this.

In Aligning Web Controls
In 3
"Note that the piColumnCount property's value (10) is in bold. This value shows as 12 in the code.
In 6
"Column span determines how many of the 10 columns in the current panel". Should read 12.
In 7
"Select the oGoButton object and change its piColumnSpan to 3 and its piColumnCount to 3." Should read "Select the oGoButton object and change its piColumnSpan to 3 and its piColumnIndex to 3."