Lets say in 20.0 I have a table with 1 column and I have an index with that column with nothing but default properties setup using MSSQL Driver ie:

Table - Name: Table
Column - Name: Id, Type: Int, Size: 10, Main Index: 1, DataFlex Type: Numeric
Index - Index 1, Column: Id, Index Name: Table001

In 20.0 if I try to change the data in the program or in the table viewer, the data will not change and sometimes crashes the studio.
This happens with MSSQL databases with testing in 20.0 and not in web order in 20.0 with embedded or in 19.0 with MSSQL Driver.
I can also run a update query in sms to update the data no problem.

Is there a setting I need to set for the database or the table or is this how the tables will act going forward with dataflex 20.0?