When displaying a single line suggestion result that has been supplemented, such as a code and description, the scrollbars of ghoSuggestionList obscure the value.

This is caused "Move (iMax + 20) to imax" as below. Contained in WinSuggestion.pkg
Scrollbars have a width of 25, and from 25 up the scroll bars do not obscure the value.
From 38 up scrollbars disappear, Which i suggest is preferred.
50 looks aesthetically pleasing.
Depending on a users preference perhaps the value could be set by a property with a minimum of 25.

Procedure AdjustSuggestionListSize Integer iLines
        Integer i  iX iMax iY
        String sTxt
        Boolean bFullWidth
        For i from 0 to (iLines-1)
            Get Line of ghoSuggestionList i to sTxt
            Get Text_Extent of ghoSuggestionList sTxt to iX
            Move (Low(iX) max iMax) to iMax
            Move (Hi(iX)) to iY
        Move (iMax + 20) to imax