19.1 Just downloading new 20 so I can't check that yet.

This needs improvement, and it could start by adding some sort of enquiry, as in 'what DDs are available for this table?' and a 'delete a dd' function too.

Trying to add a datadictionary to a new vw and it just wouldn't. Created a brand new .dd for the file, named old-style tendtyp2.dd. It wouldn't add and told me a class existed.

Found and deleted that file, which was cTendTypeDataDictionary.dd

Tried again to add TendTyp2.dd - no joy

Ran the rebuild - zero mention of the dd I had deleted

Tried again with tendtyp2.dd, still no joy, opened the .xml file and found there was yet another class defined for this file. Cleaned out those classes from the xml, restarted the studio and was able to continue.

I shouldn't have to dig into the entrails to fix this.