So I spun up a new VM (Windows 10) that has never had DataFlex installed. There was no Data Access Worldwide folder under ProgramData and of course, no license files. I first tried installing with user Bob, who what not a member of the Administrator group, and as expected, it wanted me to run the installer as Stephen instead. I figured you would have mentioned this if you had to do the same and so I logged out and logged in as Stephen.

I ran the Studio installer and accepted all the defaults. The installation completed and the Studio ran fine under the eval. I checked the rights on ProgramData and see this...

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I then used the registration program to enter a real Studio code and all went fine.

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Just as an additional test - I created my own folder in ProgramData (not under the data access folder) and looked to see what the standard rights would be for a folder that the installer did not create. You can see from the entire look that it's far different than what the installer did for License Files...

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So, it appears that the installers are setting the proper rights for the folders they are creating (License Files and Studio Data). I'm not sure why you got the results you did.