Hi Vincent.

The program generated the PDF fine in the CACHE folder in reports, but I did not tell it the output medium.
I also observed that if the CACHE folder does not exist there is an error, it would be good for DR8 to create it automatically if it does not exist.

Object oOutputToCombo is a cWebCombo
                Set piColumnSpan to 5
                Set psLabel to "Salida"
                Set pbServerOnChange to True
                 Set piLabelOffset to 50

                Procedure OnChange String sNewValue String sOldValue
                    WebSet pbRender of oReportResults to (sNewValue = "V")

                Procedure OnFill
                  Send AddComboItem "V" "Embedded Viewer (iFrame)"
                    Send AddComboItem "N" "Nueva ventana"
                    Send AddComboItem "T" "Nueva Tab"
                   Send AddComboItem "S" "Misma Ventana"

                Set psValue to "T"