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    Default OK, Next Problem...

    So... I have these DFR (well VRW, actually) reports that are in DFR 2.1 format and I'm trying to convert them from using the embedded DB to MS SQL...

    Now in DFR 2.1 I if I try to change the tables involved I need to delete them in Database expert, which removes them from the report.

    If I open the report(s) in a higher version of DFR (5.0.1 in this case), I can use the Change Datasource Wizard, but then, after saving, I can't run the report(s) from the DataFlex program any more ("Report was created with a newer version of Visual Report Writer"). Also

    Recommendations? How easy would it be to change the source to use a later DFR? And would that work? And how do I do that?

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