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    Default Dynamic Objects Quesion

    I have created a dynamic cweblist to show sql rewults and have one issue.
    It seems I can set the piHeight of the list but not set pbFillHeight.
    Is this an issue with Dynamic Objects?

    Code below shows the general idea, only issue are the 2 marked code lines

     Procedure OnClick
                    Handle hObj hList 
                    tSQLResult vResult
                    tWebRow[] aTheRows
                    Integer iCol
                    Get SQLObject of ghoConnection to hObj 
                    Get SQLQuery  of hObj 'SELECT TOP (100) [RECNUM]  ,[PARENT_CODE]   ,[GUARD_SURNAME]   ,[GUARD_FIRSTNAME] fROM [CCPARENT]' to vResult
                    Send Destroy  to hObj
                    Get Create (RefClass(cSQLTransform)) to hObj
                    Send TransFormToGridRows of hobj (&vResult) (&aTheRows)
                    WebSet ptRows of oContainer to aTheRows
                    Send Destroy of hObj
                    Get CreateDynamicObject of oContainer (RefClass(cWebListDynamic)) "oMyList"  "" to hObj
                    For iCol from 0 to (vResult.iColumns-1)
                        Get CreateDynamicObject of oContainer (RefClass(cWebcolumn)) ("oMyColumn"+(String(iCol)))  "oMyList" to hObj
                        Send InitDynamicProp of hObj 'piWidth'      vResult.vAttributes[icol].iWidth
                        Send InitDynamicProp of hObj 'psCaption'   vResult.vAttributes[iCol].sLabel
                    Get DynamicObject of oContainer "oMyList" to hList
                    WebSet piHeight of hList to 850  <-----------------this works 
                    WebSet pbFillHeight  of hList to True  <-----------------this does not works 
                    Send Activate of oContainer
                    Send GridRefresh to hList
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