We've detected an annoying behavioural change with the cSplitButton that is causing us some angst. The behaviour can be seen using the Order Entry sample application, with things "working" in DataFlex 19.0 but "misbehaving" as of DataFlex 19.1 and DataFlex 20.0

Open the Order Entry sample application and maximise the application.
Now open the DemoButtonTest view ("Button Samples" demo).
Now drag the view right down to the bottom of the maximised application such that half the view is hidden off the bottom, and the "save" cSplitButton object is right at the bottom of the screen, as per included image.

Click image for larger version. 

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Now, before anyone says, "yes, but why would you drag a view off the bottom of the screen like this?" the answer is you wouldn't - it's simply to replicate what happens if you have a cSplitButton at the bottom of a view and the view is either maximised, or large enough to fill the screen.

Now click the SplitButton arrow.

In 19.0 the popup menu appears and remains on screen.

However, in 19.1 and 20.1 it doesn't. Or rather it does, but only as long as you are still depressing the mouse button. The moment you take your finger off, it selects the menu item that was under the cursor and the menu is closed (and unless you wanted to select the last item, you'll have selected the wrong thing)

We've a 19.0 application where the main view pretty much fills the screen and there's a split button at the bottom with about 10 options for selection. Works great in 19.0, but we're on the cusp of releasing an update in DataFlex 19.1 and this is going to cause quite a big issue.

It could do with addressing, please.