the cjGridColumn objects for displaying and editing the cell content are two different object/classes.

phcEditClass property holds the class that will be used to create the object to edit the content. By default, it uses an undocumented class named cCJGridColumnEdit.

You have 2 options:

* Either create your own subclass of the cCJGridColumnEdit class and implement the wrap text on it. This class is based on DFBaseEntry, not sure if this class supports it. IT has two properies to define options (Item_Options and Form_Options),. but documentation about this property says nothing what are the possible options that may be set..


* you may try to disable pbVDFEditControl property. This will not use the VDF class to edit the content.. you will edit the content directly in the grid cell. But you may loose some features, that we are used to have in VDF classes.. for example Masks,, (but this is not your case) . not sure if there are any other features that won't be available.
But as you will not be using a different object to edit it, I would expect the value to be preserved in multiline format,

PS. Not tested...

Good luck