Have anybody else had unwilling WebApp Admistrators in 20.0?

Two observations (on the same site):


Our client has a number of DF 19.1 WebApps running. These webapps need to run as a particular windows user and so they made the "DataFlex WebServer 19.1" service start up as this particular user. This works fine, all the webapps now have access to some particular MSSQL instance somewhere.

Now they have moved it all to DF 20 and again they change the "DataFlex WebServer 20.0" service to run as that same particular user. And the webapps are again running as expected.

All this on the same server.


The WebApp Administrator in 19.1 works fine and responds quickly to start and stop commands of all sorts.

The WebApp Administrator in 20.0 is unwilling to start and stop applications (update-rate: 5 sec). They have to stop the whole service in order an update an app.

Does this happen because of the new "Run webapp as user" feature? (even if it's not used here).