If you're asking can Dynamic AI use random multiple values from a list of values in a multi-select drop-down list attached to a column filter, and then generate a where clause with: LIKE value 1 OR LIKE value 2 OR LIKE value 3, the answer is, no, it does not work that way. Any single filter applies to the single column data associated with that filter and of course it cannot know that in some circumstance, instead of using the entire column value, you want to use a substring from that column value. Multiple filters defined in a report will be combined using 'AND' in the "Where" clause. The use of 'OR' and 'LIKE' require programming, either in the 'Free Conditions' block in report design, or in the SQL for a dyn-View. Like I said, attempting to attach a selection list to a view parameter is complicated and well beyond the scope of a forum post. If you haven't watched that video, have a look. It demonstrates the use of dyn-partitions. If what you want to do is possible with Dynamic AI, then the solution probably involves either a partition list or redirected filters. (A redirected filter is a filter defined in a report, but fed back into the dyn-view sort of like a view parameter.) You'll find more information about both in the help doc.