Within a DynamicAI report, how would one build a multi selection filter finding selected values inside a string?

I have one column that may contain any combination of following Values: [PM][CO][ST][SW][EX]

Lets say I have 3 Rows with a mixture of these values

  1. [PM][CO][ST]
  2. [PM][ST]
  3. [EX][CO][ST]

If the user selects [PM], I want to show the user only Row1 and 2, that contain [PM]
If the user selects [PM] and [CO], I want to show the user Row 1, 2 and 3, which contain at least one of the values.

Within a Dynamic SQL View, I have previously worked with Parameters, but only for Dates using the @DATE parameter. Is there something similar with lists, generated from another table?