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    After not receiving any results with above filter, I adjusted the division selection list to include the brackets. Now I am getting some results, but not all.

    1. Selecting [CO], the report returns records that only contain [CO] in the column value.
      1. Code:
        SQL: (DAI_.Division IN ('[CO]'))

    2. Selecting [CO] and [PM], the report returns records that only contain one of the selected values, either [CO] or [PM], but not combination of more than 1, or a combination of both.
      1. Code:
        SQL: (DAI_.Division IN ('[CO]','[PM]'))

    Playing around inside an SQL View I found the right combination as an SQL Expression:
    (DAI_.Division LIKE '%CO%' OR DAI_.Division LIKE '%PM%')
    How would I accomplice that using multi-selection filters in a DynamicAI Report?
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