Thanks Vincent,
I found it here:

    Object oParametersGroup Is A Group
        Set Label to "Parameter"
        Set Location to 5 5

        Object oKtoParameterForm Is A Form
            Set Size to 12 27
            Set Location to 10 66
            Set Label_Justification_Mode to jMode_Left
            Set Label_Col_Offset to 60
            Set Label to "Kto"
            Set psToolTip to "Wähle Kto"
            Set Status_Help to 'Parameter Feld 'Kto' Wert'
            Set Form_Margin to 3
            Set piMaxSize to 12 21
            Set piMinSize to 12 6
            Set Form_Datatype to Ascii_Window
        Set Size to 26 98
The line with the Status_Help causes the error.
It was created by the integration wizard.